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Super Curve

58" bow drawn to 31"

Developed in 2018 after extensive carbon fiber research and development, the Centaur Super Curve is the sleekest and most sporty super curve on the market today. Part of this lighter, sporty feel is due to the handle being identical to the longbow handle that archers have come to love. Because of the extremely high torsional stability of the carbon fiber used, the limbs are narrow at only 1.5" wide. This makes for a lightweight, very dead in the hand shooting recurve. The super curve comes in 4 lengths, 54", 56", 58" and 60". The super curve will gain roughly 2 lbs. per inch at the back half of the draw near your anchor point. The 54" will draw smooth to 27" , 56" smooth to 29", 58" smooth to 31" and 60" smooth to 33".

The super curve has a very unique draw cycle. It's early draw weight of nearly 7 lbs. per inch initially will have you thinking the bow is heavy poundage. (Having early draw weight indicates mass amounts of stored energy that makes a bow very efficient and delivers very high amounts of kinetic energy to the arrow as it leaves the bow.) Around 18" to 20" of draw length however, the bow will only gain about half a pound per inch and has a perceived (let-off) sensation. This is more prominent in the 58" and 60" bows. The draw cycle continues this smooth pull all the way out to maximum draw length and only ever developing around 2 lbs. per inch to maximum draw giving the archer an incredibly smooth draw cycle.

The super curve is a great option for the archer who wants a lot of working limb in a compact package. If you compare the 58" super curve in the strung position to the 56" longbow also strung, the super curve actually measures 1/2" shorter. The same goes for the 60" super curve vs. the 58" longbow.

Please feel free to give me a call to talk more about the super curve and discuss options for you.

Chris harvests a 180 lb. chocolate phase black bear with his 36# super curve, 520 grain carbon arrow and the 1 3/4" wide single bevel Big Game Broad head!


After 3 surgeries last year I was hesitant to give traditional archery a try. I contacted Jim and told him my, hopefully temporary limitations, and he suggested a lower poundage "super curve".  After looking at his latest bow design, which is a work of art, I gave it a go. I had a reservation that a 36# at 28" bow had the necessary pop, 40# at my draw length, to efficiently harvest game. I would soon be pleasantly surprised and amazed at how the super curve would perform. I harvested my first big game animal, a DIY black bear at 18 yards with one of Jim's 225 grain Big Game Heads. The blood trail was amazing, only covering 20 yards and the bow's efficiency delivered! My eleven year old son was with me making it even more special.  I will always cherish the experience of my first recurve harvest. Thank you Jim for building a great bow and encouraging me to make the jump to traditional. Your new bow design has no hand shock and is super efficient making up for my limitations. Thanks again, Chris