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The Take Down Bow

Centaur Archery is proud to offer a two-piece take-down longbow and super curve. This bow offers the total feel of the one-piece bow by allowing full detail to go into the grip without compromising structural integrity or having to change the handle to compensate for awkward take-down mechanisms.

Finger grooves are fully incorporated as well as all of the contours on the palmswell side and even the addition of a thumb rest if desired. Any bow model (Glass, Chimera or Carbon Elite) can be built as a take-down. (Already completed one-piece bows cannot be retrofitted). The take-down bow is built utilizing "Dark Matter" material in the handle. This material is used specifically because of it's extraordinary density and strength. However, 1/4" wood (scales) can be added to the sides of the riser giving it a full wood grain look. By incorporating scales, a one inch I-beam of Dark Matter is still left internally to accept the take-down hardware and no structural integrity is lost. In the photo below you can see the Dark Matter only appearing in the site window.

"Dark Matter" is rated 3x stronger than Phenolic and Micarta. It is extremely tough and hard and takes it's toll on my belts and blades but builds a "Bomb Proof" handle. "Dark Matter" is not just a resin impregnated material but rather a unique orientation of fiberglass set in an epoxy matrix. "Dark Matter's" sleek, jet black look gives it a clean, tasteful appearance. It can also be engraved and stippled just as any of the other woods utilized in the one-piece bows. "Dark Matter" can also be utilized in the one-piece bows. "Dark Matter" is rougly 25% heavier than Dymalux which is one of the heaviest engineered handle materials I offer.

A Carbon Elite longbow utilizing Dymalux in the riser will weigh approximately 21 ounces. The same bow built utilizing "Dark Matter" will weigh nearly 27 ounces. This material is a nice addition for anyone wanting to add weight to their bow. "Dark Matter" puts the weight right where you need it, in the handle, not in the limbs.

Above is a look at the two-piece take-down system from all four sides of the bow. Notice there are 5 different contact points internally to give perfect alignment and maximum strength when bolted together. The take-down parts include 3 hardened stainless steel 1/4" pins, 2 1/2" hardened stainless steel threaded bushings and 2 black anodized hardened allen head bolts and 2 nylon washers. This take-down system is the toughest two-piece system I have found and there are no draw weight restrictions for the take-down bows.

Price for the take-down option on any model is $425 and gives you the Dark Matter handle material upgrade automatically.