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Longbow Feedback


Phil from Scotland writes:

Hi Jim,

I was delighted to find my bow had arrived last night. It’s certainly a different experience for me!

I have only ever shot recurves in the past and at first sight the Centaur looks and feels light and delicate compared to my Recurves.
The comparison I made this morning was the Centaur is the Pedigree Race Horse as to the Recurve being the Clydesdale Reliable Workhorse.

Although I was losing light rapidly, I just had to put some arrows through it. Because of light though I only shot a dozen arrows.

I was astonished by how silent the bow is. I have never heard a bow that quiet before. When I say quiet, I mean I could not even detect a gentle hum or thump.

The arrows are dispatched with considerable power. The arrows leave the riser and are impacting before I am fully conscious that I have loosed! 
I’ll chrono some arrows at the weekend, once I have some decent daylight. It was shooting circa 10 grains per pound.

I could not detect any hand shock.

Your artwork is impeccable. My granddaughter was immediately drawn to the MountainGoat head. Luckily she was taken away for her dinner to enable me to drool alone in peace J.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to the weekend when I can begin to get more acquainted with her.

Yes she’s definitely a lady; with a light and gentle feel, understated sinuous curves and great reserves of strength!

You are a fine craftsman, an artist and a gentleman.

Most sincere thanks!

To YOUR best



Aug 24, 2015

Ray Iglesias uses a Centaur Triple Carbon Foam Core Take-down.

Ray Iglesias took first place in the traditional division at the 2015 United Bowhunters of New Jersey 3D Championship and received this Plaque. 

Great job Ray!!


Sept 9, 2014

Hi, Jim!
I have received the bow last weekend. Everything is in that big PVC tube, safe and sound. It's very considerate of you doing all this for me! I tried the bow several shots, a real rocket launcher! In 20 yards I cann't see the parabola and find the arrow hits the target much higher than it used to be. I did some test with mechanical release and find this centaur has the higest efficiency compared with my black widow PL and bearpaw quick stick longbow. Test data is attached. With hardly any shock, absolutely no sound when shooting and a really comfortable grip to hold, this baby is the one bow I can ever dream of owning. And the grip is really comfortable to hold. It's such a pleasent to find my dream bow from you. Your are a really nice guy! And as I said, my friends tried to buy this bow from me which I will never sell~ Lack of patience they are, they want to by in stock bow too....So is there any stock bow coming up in recent months? If you like, they may soon place orders~

Best wishes! 

Cong RongClick here to see Congs test results!


Sept 1, 2014 

Hey Jim,

Just a quick note following up on my new bow you built for me. Simply love it! It is all that I could have asked for and I seem to be shooting better now than I ever have. Even my son and shooting buddies made the same comment. The bow is intuitive and fits my hand perfectly. Most importantly I'm confident entering into the season this year! I finalized my hunting set up and I thought I'd share it with you.

It will be the 62" 51lb Triple Carbon take down you built for me plus some VAP arrows. This is the first year I'm tying the smaller diameter arrows and it took me a while fiddling with them to get it right. Not sure if you ever used these, but man I'm impressed. With your bow these things at 9.5gr/lb fly like darts and much flatter than my usual Arrow Dynamics arrows. Most important for hunters is the penetration. Check out the pics below. In a 3D target, the arrow is almost buried to the fletching! I've never seen that w/ any of my other more traditional arrows. Finally, second pic shows the penetration difference on our club's range. Target is paper tacked on to bales of hay. Hope this provides some helpful feedback for you so If any of your customers ask about these arrows, I'd tell them that your bows seem to love them. Have a great season! 

Rich Lim


Apr 17, 2014

Hello Mr Neaves, 

I got my Centaur today. I've always heard that Centaur bows are great but I'll have to say it's even better than I've ever imagined. I've had a dozen of bows, all of which are top ranking big names, but I'd like to call Centaur the best. There are plenty of bows that are terrific in many aspects but just not so impressive in some others, but Centaur has it all, smooth, quiet, dead in the hand, fast, accurate, beautiful, and it casts an arrow in such a comfortable way that other bows just don't, I stood there and shot more than 400 arrows without stop this afternoon, it's just such a joy to cast an arrow out with Centaur. It's definitely my favorite bow so far, and I believe it'll occupy this spot for a very long time. Thank you so much for the great job, I think I'm gonna order another one with takedown function, if you have any takedown stock in the range of 45-50# coming, please let me know, I'm definitely gonna take it.
Best regards 

Shirley Shen


Ckeck out this post about Centaur Longbows on


March 30, 2014


the lil' lefty 56" dark matter/bocote glass bow I picked up off Tradgang arrived today and I had a chance to shoot it back to back with my 62" Triple Carbon. Your counsel proved correct. Put plainly, this wee Centaur works...and works niiiice!! 'Keeper' alert! Sure, at my 29-29 and change draw I can tell I'm starting to hit the limit but not in a bad way at all. It honestly doesn't feel like the true wall happens until near 30". The 45@27 must be letting me get away with a bit more like you said allowing me to have a 2" shorter bow than the 58" recommended minimum for my draw. Man this Lil guy is quick too! 10gpp no problem! Its just amazing how little this glass bow gives up in performance versus the carbon bows. Folks what we have here is just a plain solid, truly refined design. As for the speed on this lil' fella... I must be working the limbs or something :) I know this bow will positively thrash any turkey or hog I encounter in the thick Florida scrub when the time comes. The centralized mass on this 56" is simply ideal. Dark matter is very impressive material. This will be the first time I've handled it in person since learning about it from you and forum reviews. I've had a couple phenolic riser and ebony riser bows and this stuff is definitely a few steps ahead in mass and durability...I can easily just tell from handling. Hats off to the fella that ordered it with a dark matter riser and glass limbs: on this size bow it just seems like a winning collaboration..this 56" has a stability in the hand that no other 1pc shorty has had for me, and I've tried a number. It is just NOT a hard bow to shoot which is atypical for a bow this size. It is not twitchy and I can shoot it without much thought, and if I do really watch my form, well, its just that much better. I think the glass backed limbs having more mass weight versus the carbon models help with this short configuration. Been on the hunt for the elusive shorty bow that shoots for a long time. I mean I love my 62" Triple, and it works in basically all situations, but these little bows are just too handy. I know that 'ideally' for my draw I "should" be at 58" or more, but this 56" with the right specs has proven my hunch that I can get just a little smaller size if the ingredients are right. I've been so happy with the 'raven' engraved bocote 62" Triple you built me and this new lil' guy just adds to my enjoyment of your bows. Folks, what has attracted me to Centaurs since trying my first one has been the fact that each time I pick one up and shoot it I fall in love with archery all over again. The list of bows that do that for me is short. To me, that is the hallmark of a well designed, well made, and most importantly, a REFINED bow. Jim, I plug your bows any chance I get and now I've got even more first hand knowledge to share that truly if folks keep the poundage down around 45# or less and consider the Dark Matter option with glass limbs especially (not that carbon doesn't rock!) they can really build one mean hotrod compact bow. I'm sold on the Dark Matter. The first bow you built for me was bocote cause like many I'm a softy for pretty wood. But be assured next bow I get direct from you will definitely have a Dark Matter riser. Catch ya later Jim.

Tallahassee, FL


Mar 10, 2014

Carl Peterson. Rocksprings TX. 60" triple carbon 48# @ 28".

Carl won the 2014 Mid America IBO Traditional Championship and received this Plaque 

Great job Carl!!

Thanks Jim!


May 11, 2013

Just got back from the range after shooting the Triple Carbon. Very impressed. The triple carbon literally spits out arrows faster than any other long bow I own. Even though she is 58" it feels longer due to the smoothness, lack of finger pinch. I do note that because of the shorter length, poor technique is amplified. Best thing is that I can use my current arrow exactly as they are, no tuning was needed! COOOL! 

I attached a pic of the first three shots from her at 25 yards. I know it ain't perfect, but for the first real shots, I'm pretty happy. You can see how I had to march from R to L to hone in the point of aim. Finally on the 3D course I had a few complete penetrations through the target w/ my arrow, never had that before w/ a longbow. I guess that is a testament to how much faster your bow shoots, I think I'm getting close to higher end recurve bow performance. 

Rich Lim


May 7, 2013


Thanks for the longbow picked it up Friday afternoon, set the brace height checked the knock point shot it a few times. Went to a 3d shoot the next morning and shot one of my highest scores ever with your bow that I had for about 20 hours. And it just keeps shooting better.
Thanks for such a great product. 

Philip West


February 23, 2013

Jim Stoner picked up this used Centaur (glass model bow) and went out and shot this group right off the bat!


Hi Jim,

Had a nice day here in Ohio so I took it out and shot some carbons through it. Haven't shot a bow in 14 years and.. well the results are attached. :)


Jim Stoner, Ohio


Centaur ’Ride in the Saddle’ Review February 23, 2013

The longbow expression and experience are unique and has captivated my genuine interest for the past five years. Have run numerous arrows thru numerous longbows over the past, yet still found myself composed enough to persevere in continuing with the quest of this personal endeavor. Personal expectations whether realistic or not have kept me at bay until just recently.

The following is my personal review as witnessed and experienced through my eyes after running ~1200 arrows thru her.

Note: Unless I can readily and visibly determine and/or experience the attributes, then I would soon omit them from any bow review. Attributes w/o personally experienced validation are of little consequence to me.

Bow Specs: 62” Triple Carbon Elite - T/D Draw Wt. 50 @ 28 (Note: I draw ~27 ¾”)

Riser: Dark Matter…Black Locust accents

Limbs: Carbon w/ Action bamboo and XTL Lamination Cores ...Black Locust Accents

Nock pt: 1/2”

Brace Ht: 7 7/8”

Arrow Specs: Victory HV 350 - 29.5”
Insert: 100 gn
Point: 200 gn
Tot. Wt.: 515 gn

Grip: The standard grip must be honing in my own personal best fit for repeatability and stability. She seats on the mark every time and is extremely stable at anchor thru shot conclusion. This particular grip design inherently provides superior bone on bone alignment per my personal body structure…… Will be leaning toward this grip design in the future. Note: Have shot her in 95 degree humid conditions and experienced no grip and/or hand slippage.

Riser: Robust, personally desirable and balanced mass. Beauty was not my objective where mass and stability were, yet she is quite appealing due to the craftsman’s compelling influence. The Dark Matter, for me, is much more than just a complimentary addition. Mr. Neaves can easily accommodate those individuals interested much finer works of art. Take Down Assembly: Robustly solid design with simple assembly. Would require an indicator to determine assembly repeatability since no movement was detected prior to bolting down.

Overall mass: The Dark Matter adds ~27% more mass, thus seems to a most compelling addition. My propensity to bias heavier mass was quite satisfied. Mr. Neaves’ incorporation of Dark Matter was a prime factor in finally procuring my own longbow with optimized confidence.

Hand shock: None perceived- An enhanced longbow experience. ** An epic- like luxurious ride.

Sound: Emits a whisper so characteristic of favored longbows.

Draw: Effortless…Smooth…and Stable.

Point ability: Have in the past perceived point ability as an neither and attribute nor a detractor until taking the Centaur jaunt. Being a ~3 second back tension/stabilization type archer prior to release archer, it is imperative that I acquire the target expeditiously. Acquiring the target promptly has historically remained my nemesis. Am assuming that the Centaur standard grip and bow balance are providing personally improved personal bone on bone alignment, thus reducing target acquisition by 1/3 and also reducing my stabilization time by ~1 second. This particular Centaur design significantly facilitates cursory acquisition of my desired window prior to actually bearing down on the mark. Striving further for improved shot execution appears well within my grasp.

Torsional Stability: Would not even mention torsional stability unless the benefits were readily perceived. Release appears to have significantly improved. Have attributed this observation to much less finger inflicted string deflection at anchor. String slips from fingers more uniform and is visibly apparent in more stable arrow flight. Side to side arrow marking variation appears to be reduced by ~1/4th. Bow string deflection appears much more stable than other longbows and hybrids of which I have had the pleasure to work with.

Tune Ability: Don’t know… The aforementioned arrow specs are exactly what I started with and bare shaft tuned flawlessly with regards to spine at 30 yards. Simple nock adjustment was all that was required to achieve vertical alignment.

Shoot ability: Points naturally and consistently places arrows on the mark. Shooting her seems effortless, accommodating, forgiving and emits a highly desired most pleasurable experience. 
Aesthetics – Simple, yet masterful beauty as I had ordered 
Performance –Flat trajectory with velocity levels residing in the elite category yet maintaining spot-on accuracy.

Craftsmanship: Excellent – The gifted hand of the artisan is most noticeably evident and highlighted by the grip’s stippling and turkey tracks. Having said that; the shoot- ability and exemplary performance may mask this splendid creation.

Service: Working with Mr. Jim Neaves has been a most pleasant and re-assuring experience. It was a honorable consolation to fathom that fulfilling my needs and expectations and especially keeping my own self on the proper path were obviously paramount. Mr. Neaves is both the consummate gentleman and bowyer.

Over-all Experience: Actually was leaning towards believing that my expectations were too lofty. Virtually all expectations were exceeded. No expectations faltered. Smoothness and unique stability promotes a relaxed anchor, thus decidedly enhancing focus thru conclusion. Her exemplary attributes have permitted me to fully experience the enchanted expression of a Centaur. The lengthy quest to procure a personally desired dream long bow has come to fruition.

I am looking quite forward to working, once again, with Mr. Neaves in the immediate future.

THANK YOU JIM!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Jim,

December 15, 2012

I just traded an A&H 3 piece for a Chimera you built a few months ago pictured right. It is 62" 47#@28" and I draw 28". I absolutely love it by the way. I have owned almost every custom bow. I bought a bow from Gordy about 8 or 9 years ago in Oregon and sold it to my nephew and regret it every time we go shooting and I have to say it again. I love everything about this bow. I feel I got the better end of the trade. It is beautiful and shoots even better than it looks. Did I mention fast and smooth. Thanks for producing such a top shelf bow.

Thanks again,

Tracy Byington


Not sure if you remember me but I emailed you about your video not too long ago. My fiancée surprised me this weekend with a centaur bow he bought from someone. It's 44 lbs and 60". I picked it up shot it and fell in love!! I have only been shooting a year and well the results speak for themselves. I was shooting groups of ten arrows at about a little over 10 yards working on my form. Thought I'd pass along how tickled I am with it!! Think this is the new go to bow!!! 

Warm regards, Jackie Parthie


Centaur Super Curve Feedback

After 3 surgeries last year I was hesitant to give traditional archery a try. I contacted Jim and told him my, hopefully temporary limitations, and he suggested a lower poundage "super curve".  After looking at his latest bow design, which is a work of art, I gave it a go. I had a reservation that a 36# at 28 bow had the necessary pop, 41# at my draw length, to efficiently harvest game. I would soon be pleasantly surprised and amazed at how the super curve would perform. I harvested my first big game animal, a DIY black bear at 18 yards with one of Jim's 225 grain Big Game Heads. The blood trail was amazing, only covering 20 yards and the bow's efficiency delivered! My eleven year old son was with me making it even more special.  I will always cherish the experience of my first recurve harvest. Thank you Jim for building a great bow and encouraging me to make the jump to traditional. Your new bow design has no hand shock and is super efficient making up for my limitations. Thanks again, Chris

A Centaur Super Curve Review


Good morning,

Nov 30, 2019

That Centaur super curve arrived!! I am amazed. Drawing only 53 pounds at my draw length it buries the arrows 2 1/2 inches further into foam targets than my 66 pound longbow. As a result of the power of the 53 pound super recurve I am forced to shoot the same weight of arrow spine as my heavy longbow. In English what I mean is that my recurve is causing same amount of arrow shaft paradox which is the flex in the arrow around the bow as it exits the bow as my longbow. I am shooting 350 spine from both bows. Normally a 53 pound recurve would shoot 400 or even 500 spines which are less stiff than the 350 spines.

So, this means that the super recurve is far easier to draw with 13 pounds less pull in the draw cycle than my longbow. Better accuracy however my longbow does win points for being whisper quiet. The recurve will accept a strap on hunting quiver like Selway makes with no ill effects to the recurve’s shooting ability. It is 60 inches long unstrung nock to nock and considerably shorter strung making it great for hunting stands and ground blinds. ...... and yes you do perceive a let off like a compound however it is because the draw cycle has early load and then in back end of the drawing motion you only pick up one pound of draw weight per inch of draw. 

The Dark Matter almost bombproof riser absorbs any vibration. Zero need for shock dampening so the bow remains light and nimble for all day packing. Normally I can find somewhere to improve, some small detail. In this one instance I would heartedly give the Centaur Supercurve high praises for build quality, engineering, performance and being both a formidable hunting weapon as well as being a blast at the target range. Full marks for this bow. Wow is all I can say! 

Carl M




Oct 8, 2019

I just got around to being able to put some time into shooting your personal Super Curve this weekend. Oh my gosh!!!! What a bow! I’ve never acquired a bow second-hand that felt and performed like it was made for me. You and I definitely have very similar hand size and (I’m guessing) shooting styles. This thing felt like an old friend from the first shot. I was able to spend about 8 hours with the bow on Friday and Saturday, first at a local indoor range (20 yards), then outdoors with various 3D targets at various ranges and situations (uphill, 12 to 20+ yards, from elevated positions with shots ranging from 8 yards to about 25 yards, and various obstacles such as brush, tree branches, etc.). I don’t think I can adequately describe how impressed I am with this bow. 

I’ve attached an order form to secure a spot on your list. I honestly have no idea yet what I want you to build. I will call you in the coming weeks and discuss. 
Thank you kindly for working with me on the Super Curve. 



ILF Limb Feedback

Thanksgiving kill..limbs are awesome..Nov 24, 2016

Not a monster but good size deer..I'm 6'5 250 pds so he may look little. Went in where you see in pick,exited back of off shoulder and stuck in ground 2 inches. 

John Mosier

George Johnson connects using ILF LimbsOct 13, 2015

ILF Centaur limbs on my Titan 2 riser is an awesome combination. Smoothest quietest limb I've ever shot. Great product.. 

My first kills with the set up, 2 big Maryland does. 

-George Johnson


Ray Rock connects using ILF LimbsOct 28, 2014

Taken with the Centaur ILF on Titan II riser. Center punched the heart @ 35 yds. Its a killer set up, deadly accurate. @ 48lbs I won't hesitate to go up against any North American big game. 

Thanks, Ray

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Jan 10, 2014

Just wanted to drop you a note regarding the Centaur ILF Longbow Limbs I just received. I ordered 50lbs @ 28 Longs. Mounted on my 17” Das Dalaa Riser they came in right on the weight. With your recommended brace height of 7 ½ inches they are very stable and have great cast. I have tried several of the other top ILF Manufacturers Longbow limbs and these are by far the best I have tried. I am very happy with this setup and highly recommend these limbs to anyone who wants a set of longbow limbs for their ILF Riser.

Thanks again,

Randy Chamberlin

Ckeck out this post about Centaur ILF Limbs onNov 06, 2013


Hi Jim,

Sept 17, 2013

I received the limbs yesterday and tried them out. They are beautiful! Very smooth, stack free to 28" and incredibly quick! They "feel" less than 55lbs which is just purely subjective, this is not a bad thing and adds to accuracy. I shoot your limbs better than any other ILF limbs I own, that includes 2 Longbow and 3 Recurve limbs from other top manufacturers. I'm very pleased and will probably hunt w/ them at least a few days this year. I always worry about changing so late in the game, but I'm pretty comfortable w/ them so far.


Thanks Rich


Broadhead Feedback

Nov 27, 2019 This is James Saunders with 2 nice bucks he took
using the 150 grain Short-Mag single bevel broadhead.

A good friend of mine sent me the Short Mag 150 gr heads with screw in adapters and I love them.

I have shot 9 deer with them since he sent them to me and I could not be happier with their performance.

I am wanting to order 2 more sets of these heads and the screw-in adapters.

Thank you

James Saunders



May 4, 2019

Elijah Vincent used Centaur Battle Axe
Heads to harvest this fine Turkey.

Unbelievably impressed with the Battle Axe!

There is no reason everyone should not use the battle axe for turkeys!

Elijah Vincent


Jan 10, 2019

Anthony Tindell of Evarts Kentucky took both animals using the same right bevel Big Game Head.
Congrats Anthony, keep shooting that same broadhead!

Hey jim here are a few pics of the deer and bear that I killt with your broadheads,, thanx


Jim, here are those pics…Oct 12, 2015

Deer was taken with an Excalibur M355 shooting an 18” Black Eagle Zombie Slayer arrow with 26gr aluminum insert, 3.5” wrap, 2” blazers, flat Lumenoks, and Centaur Big Game RH single bevel broadheads. The 23yd shot was taken as the deer was quartering away. The Big Game entered behind last rib on left side and ended up poking through the skin in front of right shoulder. Almost 3’ of penetration! Who says you can’t shoot big fixed blade broadheads from a crossbow at high velocity?! Deer piled up within 30yds with all major arteries severed from heart. Nice Michigan 7pt buck, 168lbs dressed out. 

Drew Schafer


Mar 24, 2015


I just wanted to let you know that I had great success with the Battle Axe Head in my recent turkey hunt. I used a 100gr adapter so I had 300gr total in the point. I had a complete pass-through on the turkey with my check mate recurve bow 55# @ 28. Turkey only took 5 steps and went down. I am attaching pictures. Thank you very much for your high quality heads.



Nov 26, 2014


About ten days ago I received the Big Game single bevel heads I ordered and was immediately impressed. I glued them onto some 75 grain inserts to mount to my Easton FMJ 300 arrows. After some practice shooting, during which they flew great, I sharpened them up and and put them in my quiver. Saturday evening I got to try when out when a doe came by my treestand at just over 20 yards. The hit was good, with the arrow entering behind the left shoulder about 2 inches under the spine, cutting off a rib, going through both lungs, and exiting – hitting 2 ribs – about half way up the deer’s right side. The doe trotted off about 30 yards like she was untouched, stopped, wobbled a little and fell over.

Since I’m training my Jagd Terrier, Taz, to blood trail deer, I went back to the truck and got him to follow up the deer. He made quick work of the short blood trail – his first deer recovery. My only complaint was that the trail had been a little longer to let him work it more.

Thanks for a great head. I’ve bow killed a pile of deer over the years with many different broadheads and this was one of most impressive kills. I’ll be using these heads a lot more.

Dan Brockman

Apr 8, 2014Kevin Chastain used Centaur Big Game
Heads to harvest these fine Bucks.



Those big game heads are awesome! I have attached some pictures of the three bucks that I took last year, also killed 3 does. The shots on the bucks were from 12 to 23 yds. and not one went more than 50 yds. after hit. The does were from 18 to 30 yds and same result. All six went down within sight and massive blood trails! I have purchased 9 of them from you and once I got the sharpening system, they are scary!! I got them to fly perfectly with everything from 4” feathers on 55-75 Gold tips shooting a 65# longbow to 5 1/2” feathers on Beeman Classic 340’s from a 62# recurve. I will be ordering 3 more soon.

Thanks for a great broadhead!!

Have a great day!

Kevin Chastain


Jan 19, 2014

Doug Witcher used a Centaur Big Game Head to harvest these two deer.



Attached is a photo of my afternoon hunt today. The big game heads are awesome! Both the deer went down in less than 30 yards.

Longbow of my own design... gold tip shafts... big game heads with titanium inserts.

Keep up the good work!



May 10, 2013

Todd Gregory used a Centaur Big Game Head to harvest this fine Gobbler.


Thought you'd like to see my first success with one of your broadheads. I have a new favorite head in the quiver! Thanks for a great broadhead and continued success.

Best regards,

Todd Gregory


December 21, 2012

Thank you!


The blood trail was extreme!

Paul Wilburn


Dear Jim:

November 29, 2012

We thought you might enjoy this story about your big game broad head. My hunting partner and I were anxious to try your new traditional broadhead on those big soybean and corn fed Midwest Whitetails. We practiced all summer shooting the single bevel Big Game broadhead. It flew extremely well, but we were still unsure about its ability to perform on a live animal. Needless to say on the second morning of our hunt, I shot a large-bodied buck. The blood trail was very obvious. We had the deer hanging in our deer camp and the local game warden came by to inspect our kill. He looked at the entry wound, poked his finger into the entry wound and began to inspect the carcass. I informed him that I had shot the animal that morning with my recurve bow. He remained friendly, but we sensed he was unconvinced that this was an archery kill because of the large entry wound. This was also the weekend of the youth deer gun season opener. He may have thought he had just caught two out-of-state hunters illegally shooting a whitetail with a rifle or shot gun. His next inquiry surprised us. He asked to see the arrow and broadhead that felled this large-bodied Midwest Whitetail. I showed him the three broken pieces of my arrow, but informed him that the broadhead had not been recovered, but may still be in the animal. He insisted that we try to recover it. Taking a pair of pliers I probed into the carcass and found the broadhead lodged in the opposite shoulder blade fully intact. It was only then that I sensed vindication in his eyes. In my many years of traditional archery hunting, I had never encountered any situation like this. It was fortunate we were able to recover my arrow. This is not always possible in a hunting situation. I have since re-sharpened the Big Game broadhead and it is now on a new arrow ready to shoot.




Silencer Feedback

Jim,February 25, 2016

Discovered these about 4 years ago when I had a bow that I couldn't seem to get quiet. I ordered a lot of different silencers and wasn't able to get the bow as quiet as I would like, until I put the Navajo silencers on. Once I put on a set I noticed an immediate difference in noise level. I moved them around just a little to fine tune and the bow just went whisper quiet. I don't think these silencers can be beat for the money. They are very durable as well, you can take them out of an old string, put them in the new one and keep on shooting. If anyone is trying to find a good silencer they should give these a try.





October 4, 2013

I received the string silencers today. I was using 2 pairs of a popular rubber silencer on my longbow and thought it was quiet. Using just one set of these it is noticeably quieter and the shot seems more calm. Very nice product.




Check out the Review by Greyarcher1 on YouTube!


Hi Jim,Apr 5, 2014

I got to watch Wild Tradition (got a copy from a TG member) a while ago, not sure if I shared. Absolutely loved watching it. It was so well done compared to most films that are out there. To me what sets it apart is that I think a non-hunter could watch it and even if they don't hunt they could at least understand and appreciate why someone would. You guys really nailed what its all about. Watching it I was shaking my head thinking 'here are guys that get it!' and I felt that I was not alone in why I chose to 'hunt the hard way' a couple years back. It's 100% about the whole experience from start to finish, not just the kill. It was neat to learn about your music background. It all kind of made sense to me after that. Music, hunting, craftsmanship, your a renaissance man my friend and I think that's why your bows have such quality to them. Keep up the great work with all you do. A 'Wild Tradition Part II" would no doubt be well received by the hunting community at large ;) 


Razor Sharp Edgemaking System Feedback

Hello Jim!Nov 7, 2015

I ordered my heads Monday and received them on Thursday. Originally I was frustrated because I couldn't get the heads sharp. But then I realized I had way too much wax on, and didn't spend enough time on the grit wheel. Once I realized that It took maybe 5 minutes to get the next one to trim hair and even less for the third. Never have I been able to get a broad head this sharp! I have little to no hair on the tops of my arms from testing the heads! But this morning I put them to the ultimate test. I shot a deer on the ground at about 8 yards and I heard it crash! The arrow was laying on the ground, indicative of a pass though. I am very impressed with these heads and wheel sharpeners. 
Top notch stuff!