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Please note that the current wait time for a custom bow build is 5-6 months or less.

Ordering a custom Centaur bow is simple. Please follow the steps below to get your order in. I want you to be completely in love with your Centaur bow and one way to do that is to talk about what features you're looking for in a custom bow. Give me a call to discuss your bow build.  406-360-2153

Placing your order and Deposit:  

Your bow will be handmade to your specs. To get on the list it's really simple and you don't need to know every single detail about how you want your bow to look. There will be time to decide the fine details before I start your bow. Please fill out the order form with your preferences that you are sure about, trace your hand and secure your order with a nonrefundable deposit of $300.  The deposit can be paid via check or money order. To get on the list instantly please use PayPal and send $312 to  You can email your completed order form to or can be mailed to: 

Centaur Archery
492 Queens Way
Hamilton, MT 59840


This is an example of how you should trace your bow hand. You do not need to add any measurements unless you are emailing me your hand tracing. Emailed documents can sometimes be re-sized or not to scale in which case I will need the specified measurements below to verify I have your accurate hand size.

Available Longbow Lengths:  54", 56", 58", 60", 62", 64"

Longbow Length

Maximum Draw non stacking

Super Curve                                          Maximum Draw non stacking

   56"                                                        29" 
   58"                                                        31"                                                           
   60"                                                        33"


Prices & Model Options: 

Glass (Clear glass back and belly): $850

Chimera (Woven twill carbon back and clear glass belly): $950

Carbon Elite (Woven twill carbon back and belly): $1050

Super Curve (Woven twill carbon back and belly): $1250

Super Curve bow lengths: 56", 58" ,60"


Additional customizable options: 

  •  XTL Lamination (longbow only) $100 description on FAQ'S page
  •  Pierce Points $225
  •  Extra String $28
  •  Navajo Silencers $18.99
  •  Take Down includes Dark Matter upgrade $425
  •  Custom Inlay (call for pricing)
  •  Stippling (small pattern: $100 / Dual pattern: $125)
  •  Engraving (call for price as every engraving is unique)
  •  Dark Matter $200
  •  Snake skins $300
  • Thumb Rest $30