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Proper Fit and Measuring


This is the key in setting yourself up with a bow that is going to fit you properly. You don't just buy a pair of shoes or pants without trying them on. Well maybe, but you at least know what size you are as a baseline to start. It's the same way with a custom bow.


I have found this to be the most accurate system for finding your true draw length with a long bow when anchoring to the corner of your mouth.

Take a tape measure or yard stick, and place the butt end of the tape against your sternum. Reach straight forward with both hands and sandwich the yard stick between your hands. Now relax your shoulders, and check the measurement indicated just at the tip of your middle finger.

The measurement may be shorter than you expect but this will indicate your true draw length with a longbow.

If you have broad shoulders you may actually have a longer draw length than indicated.


A hand print is required and is done by tracing your left hand if you are a right handed shooter or your right hand if you are a left handed shooter. This enables me to form fit your bow handle perfectly to you.

If you would like specific alterations, such as, a higher or lower wrist, please make a note with your hand drawing.

When placing your order, a $300 dollar non-refundable deposit is required as well as your hand print tracing and measurements.