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Centaur Broadheads


Centaur Short Mag

Centaur Short Mag

Length:    2 3/8"

Width:      1 3/4"

Weight:    150 grains

Blade:      .050 high carbon steel

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Big Game Head

Big Game Head with right bevel grind

Length:    2 7/8"

Width:      1 3/4"

Weight:    180 grains

Blade:      .062 high carbon steel

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Battle Axe Head

The Battle Axe Head with a right bevel grind

Length:    2 7/8"

Width:      2 1/8"

Weight:    200 grains

Blade:       .050 high carbon steel

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Broadhead Features

Profile:      Parabolic with modified-tanto tip

Material:  high carbon cutlery steel, spring tempered to 51 rockwell hardness

Ferrule:     11/32” dia. with machined .025 wall made of high impact alloy steel

Edge:        Single Bevel or Double Bevel grind


Broadhead test video

Centaur broadheads are one of a kind hand crafted and are built to endure the toughest big game species in the world. These heads are engineered to perform extraordinarily in all hunting situations proven by rigorous testing during research and development. From design to selection of materials, Centaur broadheads give you unsurpassed value, quality and predictability that keep you shooting the same head, hunt after hunt. Due to contrasting perception of (Sharpness) these heads are ground to the ideal angle and may be touched up to your liking before hunting.

Single bevel concept and orientation:

It is important that you match the bevel of broadhead with the helical of your fletch: Right bevel head to right helical fletch / left bevel head to left helical fletch. As the arrow twists in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion due to the helical of fletching, the broadhead will twist on impact towards the flat edge of the blade causing it to cleave its way through tissue and bone. By matching the bevel to the helical, you harness the spinning energy of the arrow shaft. Hog Taken with the Big Game Head

Centaur broadheads are designed to fly like a field point because of the aerodynamic features. Due to the features of this head and its wide cutting surface, you can expect massive blood trails allowing quick retrieval of an animal given a shot is well placed, the head is sharp and adequate penetration is achieved. This broadhead is a tool specifically designed for harvesting animals and therefore should be used with extreme caution and common sense. Centaur Archery will not be held responsible for the misuse of this product and/or any injury caused by intentional or accidental circumstances relating from the use of this product.

            3-pack..........$54.99 ( Plus S&H )

   Centaur Big Game Head (Glue-on) 3-Pack            Screw-in 40gr adapters....$56.49 ( Plus S&H )

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Jan 10, 2019

Anthony Tindell of Evarts Kentucky took both animals using the same right bevel Big Game Head.
Congrats Anthony, keep shooting that same broadhead!

Anthony Tindell and a nice Buck harvested using the Big Game Head

Anthony Tindell and a nice Bear harvested using the Big Game Head

Hey jim here are a few pics of the deer and bear that I killt with your broadheads,, thanx

Oct 16, 2018

Todd Gregory used a Centaur Big Game Head to harvest this Turkey.

Todd Gregory and a nice Turkey harvested using the Big Game Head

Blood trail after using a Big Game Head


Had more success with the Big Game SB head. This turkey went 10 yards and left a blood trail to dream about, had it been needed.



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New Centaur Big Game broadhead shot into solid cement! (not a cinder block)


New Centaur Big Game broadhead shot into solid cement! (not a cinder block)

How much abuse can they Take?

Three different test items that the New Centaur Broadhead was shot into several times

Here are three different test subjects that I shot into several times. The shoulder blade and rib are from a beef and were shot immediately after being picked up from the butcher shop (green). The concrete footer is just that........solid concrete, not cinder block. The steel drum is a 30 gallon and is about 1/16" wall thickness, and was actually shot 7 times with the same broadhead. Everything you see here was shot with the same broadhead. I was finally able to get the tip of the head to tweak a bit but was still shootable after straightening. I did go through two carbon shafts while conducting the tests. All shots were fired out of a 58" 52# double carbon longbow from 3 to 5 yards. 


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